Touring with Captain Congo, Pug and illustrator Greg Holfeld

A young fan meets a life-sized
Captain Congo and Pug.
Ruth has been busy doing lots of school visits with Captain Congo and his faithful sidekick Pug, the stars of her Captain Congo graphic novel series.

Illustrated by Greg Holfeld, the series revolves around intrepid adventurer Captain Congo the gorilla and his faithful sidekick Pug the penguin.

Captain Congo and the Klondike Gold is the third in the series that readers and critics just love. It follows 2009 Children's Book Council of Australia's shortlisted title Captain Congo and the Crocodile King and its sequel Captain Congo and the Maharaja's Monkey, which will have young readers enthralled to the very last page.

All Captain Congo books are OUT NOW through Working Title Press.

Read an article from The Advertiser about Ruth, Greg and Captain Congo.

Ruth Starke with Captain Congo illustrator Greg Holfeld. Picture: The Advertiser.

Lan, Izzy and the gang back in new NIPS story

If you've missed Lan, Izzy and the NIPS XI gang then check this out: they're all back and having a brand new adventure in Ruth's new story Only A Game!

In the first new story since Nips Go National, Lan, Izzy and the rest of the team play one more game, when they are invited to compete against a group of young asylum seekers, and Lan has to make a crucial decision.

The short story is featured in Penguin's new anthology Things A Map Won't Show You, out now.


Can't wait? Read an excerpt from Only A Game below.

Excerpts from "It's Only A Game", a new short story by Ruth Starke
Taken from Things A Map Won't Show You, Penguin (2012)


So there was a fence, a high one, too, easily three metres, and made of strong cyclone wire.

“Told you,” Andy said behind him. “Nobody can get out.”

“They can't get in either,” Lan said, pointing out the window of the mini-bus to the open pastures on the other side of the road. “Maybe that's why they built the fence.”

“Yeah, right,” Andy said. “And that's why there are guards with walkie-talkies. To stop the cows getting in.”

Lan grinned. He'd been winding Andy up. Andy was always so sure he was right about everything. You could probably scale the fence if you were determined, he reflected. He couldn't see any sentry posts manned by armed guards, so it wasn't a prison camp like the ones in movies. No Alsatians straining on the leash, either.

Ruth speaks at the South Australian Migration Museum

Ruth was invited to speak to educators after they had toured the exhibition "On Their Own: Britain's Child Migrants" at the South Australian Migration Museum in Adelaide.

Ruth spoke about the research behind her novel Orphans of the Queen, about a group of post-war British children who were sent to the St Vincent de Paul Orphanage, Goodwood.

You can download her speech here (Word .doc file).

Orphans of the Queen is available to buy direct from the author for $15 a copy, free postage in Australia.

Email the author for more details.